Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Ok so this is the latest and not so greatest. I called my former boss today to see if we were going to get paid tomorrow, April 1st, like he guarenteed and well not to my suprise he said no. His exact words were " No you all turned it into the state so we are going to do this through the courts." I informed him that either way he has to pay us and if he was to still pay us tomorrow nothing would happen and a simple phone call could end this all. He still said no thank you and he wants to take this to the courts. So I don't know what I am going to do now. I mean on the bright side after 8 days of a late paycheck for an employee that is no longer with the company up to 100% interest will be added, so that means he owes all of us double our paychecks now. The crappy thing is that I am broke, he really screwed me over and he is married to family, my mother none the less.

And then I talked to James today about meeting up at 7 pm at a park down the street so he can see the girls for a little bit. I told him I'd also like to go over the divorce papes bc I just want this to be over with. He informed me that he has hired an attorney now to take care of all this. Really? What could he possibly fight me on? Custody? I think not. Wanna know why...
Well as I was getting the girls ready to go I got a phone call. They asked if I was Maria and if I knew James. Then they proceeded to tell me that he just got into a car accident bc he rolled his car and he wanted them to call me. I asked what hospital he was going to and I found out he was going to Wesley so I ran up there to make sure he was okay and just in case he had to have emergency surgery or needed consent for treatment I was the only legal person who could. So I get there before the ambulance and I see them pull up. I talked to James for a second as they walked him in and he apoligized for what happened. Anyways, they are getting him all checked out and ask me a serious of questions. The EMT also informed me that he had been drinking. No not James, not Mr. Perfect! I said that figured and explained his medical history, which is completely relevant. May I also mention I had to deal with his friends family who is a huge pain in my ass bc they think that I took the girls and left James and he did nothing wrong! AGH! Well once I was able to go back and see James I went over some of the details with him. He was seriously laughing about it. His car rolled twice, he was ejected out bc he wasn't wearing a seatbelt, and his car hit a tree. He has no serious injuries at all. I am tired of him getting break after break after break but not my point. He then started complaining how he was in pain and the doctors were making him suffer, I told him no they were just looking at his scans and Xrays to make sure they could treat him correctly considering his medical history. OMG! He started screaming "I can't believe you fucking told them, I fucking hate you, who invited my ex-wife in here, I want her fucking out, I want Matt, he is family, not his bitch..." Wow! I took time out of my night to rush to the ER to make sure he was okay and that he could be treated and that is how he treats me! I want this divorce final asap, I want sole custody of my girls, I want to never see him or talk to him again! I'm so tired of doing the right thing and getting burned so badly for it. Since when is being a good mom being a bad person. Again on the bright side to this, this is more ammo for me to get sole custody of MY girls, he's crazy to think if he is going to get any sort of right to them. He's lucky to get supervised visitation.

I am so stressed that all I can do is cry. I am so dizzy from all this. For the past 3 days I have been so dizzy it is hard to function. I am even dizzy when I sleep. I feel like my legs are falling asleep when I sit or lay or even stand for that matter. I feel so exhausted from all this. I really don't know how to handle all this stress.

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